Minijet 280


A whole new world of possibility

The new Minijet delivers all the performance and quality of our jet tenders, but in a smaller package. With its light weight and compact dimensions it easily fits garages and platforms on a wide variety of smaller yachts. This opens up a whole new world of possibility. More yacht owners can now enjoy the thrill and manoeuvrability of a Williams jet tender, combined with our uncompromising reliability and stability. No other tender offers the same performance at this size.

Eslora   2.78m/9ft 2in
Manga      1.55m/5ft 1in
Overall height   0.79m/2ft 8in
Capacidad   3 +1
Peso en vacío   210kg/465lb
Motor   50hp BRP Rotax Ace 900 Engine
Depósito   28 litres
Velocidad punta   58khp (36mph)
Typical Fitment   38+ft / 11+m Yachts

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